Ferran on Film


Ferran Adri kind of freaks out when, using ingredients he picked up on the fly in Chinatown, he cooks for Allen Salkin and guests and fails to totally blow their minds. And he looks kind of frazzled (adorably so) in two new videos from the Per Se event last week. For the heck of it, weve translated the Spanish interview for you.

What brings you here tonight?
This is the global launch of the book its an important day for me the book took two years to make. Its complex; there werent many precedents. The book talks about the restaurant in a whole new way. There have been many books about the recipes this one is about something more than that.

What inspires you as a chef?
My inspiration is life, as with any other creative endeavor.

What do you think of the future of food?
There are many emerging countries like Brazil, China, India, and Russia that are going to create a new order of cooking.

What accomplishments as a chef are you most proud of?
The most important thing is the excitement that weve created for cooking, and forging new paths during moments where it seemed like we were a little stuck.

What makes this book different from other books about food?
I cant be objective when I talk about myself Id prefer other people talk about my work.

Whats your personal favorite dish?
I dont have a favorite dish I love ham and I love seafood, but it all depends

If this Q wasnt elucidating enough, Adam Roberts, after attending Adri's Times Talk with Anthony Bourdain, says that Bourdain will soon release a documentary about el Bulli.

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