Foodie Feminists Say ‘Oh No You Didn’t’


Contemplating Frank Brunis piece on gender roles in dining rooms (and the postscript that followed it), the Huffington Posts Molly Lass today questions the way men and women are served booze: The darker, bitterer and more expensive the drink is, the more likely men are assigned to drink it, while women are regulated beverages that are light, fruity, or insipid. Admitting that these assumptions are partly valid if insulting, she hopes more women will learn to take wine lists by the horns. Another reaction to Brunis piece, however, expresses disbelief that he would advance such stereotypes at all.

The Grinders Miriam Wolf asks Bruni:

Did you have to trot out hoary assumptions like women are bad tippers? Did you have to talk about how all the women who ask you for restaurant recommendations want to make sure the lighting isnt too harsh? Did you have to dig someone up to give you a quote that "women more often hesitate if the name or look of a dish is too blunt a reminder that theyre biting into an animal[?]"

Indeed, the Grinders foodie feminism is in full force today. Another writer, Traci Vogel, is irked, just like the Feed was, that Josh Ozerskys new blog is promising to feature guest columns from some of the top men in the field.

Men, huh? Although Im sure its non-gender-specific men were talking about. As of this posting, however, no women have been the subjects of features on The Feedbags front page except the bikini-clad waitresses at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone (possibly NSFW). Feature topics have included Coolio, Patrick Connolly, and the King of Spain. Its so male its like the Drudge Report of food blogs.

Youd think Ozerskys next post, after that, would be about the fact that Magnolia Bakerys UWS location now has a private dining room (it does!) or (more seriously) maybe hed plug next weeks Women Chefs & Restaurateurs event, but instead, its an (albeit interesting) Q with the bearded, burly guys behind Walter Foods, in which Dylan Dodd says, Its kind of a masculine menu. The whole place is kind of masculine. (Well, we can add that one to the "male" restaurants list.)

Of course, the Grinder ignores the fact that Josh wrote many Grub Street posts about female chefs, and so far, Stephanie Shih is writing just as many posts as he is for the new blog (which, it must be said, isnt even two days old).

So where does this leave us? Let's discuss it over a Bradshaw! Or, yeah, in the comments

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