Michael Citarella Unveils His First Freemans Menu (Artichoke Dip Is Safe)


A few months after taking over at Freemans, Cafe Gray alum Michael Citarella is sharing his fall menu with us. You knew some of former chef Jean Adamsons signatures the devils on horseback, the three-cheese macaroni, the filet mignon, and of course the artichoke dip werent going anywhere, and the new dishes are pretty much in keeping with the old ones: The roasted half chicken is now accompanied by green lentils and spinach rather than green beans, pine nuts, and brown butter; the Wild Striped Bass is now roasted with eggplant, red pepper, fennel, and basil. And theres a lamb stew and a roulade of rabbit (made with celery root, apples, bacon, and chanterelles). Sit tight the crucial brunch menu is coming shortly.

Freemans Dinner Menu
Cocktail Menu
Brunch Cocktail Menu