Neil Ferguson Leaves Allen & Delancey for Soho House


After winning Allen & Delancey a Michelin star and getting it onto Zagats list of top new restaurants, Neil Ferguson has, according to Eater, resigned from the restaurant he opened a year ago. As a chef at Soho House, the Gordon Ramsay protg will once again be working for his fellow Brits. A lot of good that does folks who cant get into Soho House. Dont despair, though you can still enjoy some entres Ferguson added to As fall menu before jumping ship for moral and personal reasons: rabbit terrine with chickpeas, tarragon essence, and anchovy; slow-roasted pork belly with pickled apple, parsnips, and fenugreek syrup; and caramelized bone marrow with caviar and shallot pure.

SHOCK: Neil Ferguson Leaves Allen & Delancey, Takes Private Gig at Soho House [Eater]