Next Food Network Star? El Chefe Hosts ‘Ghetto Pothead Cooking Show’


In what is easily the most curious cooking show to hit YouTube since Gourmet Dude, and the most inspired combination of weed and food since Eat Under the Influence, a self-described crazy NY Latino cook, El Chefe, hosts Pots & Pans, a ghetto pothead cooking show in which he shows how to fight the munchies by making a highly improvised Lucky Charm Burrito that, yes, combines Lucky Charms, habichuelas, and some lasagna from an ex-girlfriend. (I was cheating on her with her mother, and her sister, and one of her cousins, El Chefe laments, but its going to be good, I know, because her mother can cook.) This guy is definitely the anti-Martha: What I like about the Pillsbury is, for me, it has more chips and its cheaper, and right now I dont have that much money. I used to sell weed but I cant sell that anymore I got like five kids to feed and its crazy. He promises to talk about all that on another show and we're looking forward to it!

POT & PANS - ghetto pothead cooking show (episode 1) [YouTube]