Former Charles and Allen & Delancey Chefs Speak


A couple of departed chefs are airing their thoughts today. Per Eater, Neil Ferguson, formerly of Allen & Delancey, wants Soho House members to know that hes going to right the mistakes of the past: I know that Soho House has always tried to be more than just an adequate club restaurant but its [sic] reputation has suffered a little in the past. Hell be making fixes over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, John McCallister says he left Charles because of money problems.

I was not let go from Charles. From day one the restaurant has not been sufficiently funded and checks were bouncing, not only to vendors but to staff alike, warranting my departure. In fact we had only received positive press up until the time of my departure. Charles is still serving my menu but at a lower quality.

Charles owner Cobi Levy says McAllisters sous-chef, Christine (no last name given), is currently at the wheel.

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