Free Ice Cream, Coffee, and Sangria Today; Obama Girl Tonight


Ben & Jerrys is giving out free ice cream to voters, Starbucks is hooking you up with twelve-ounce coffees, and our favorite freebie yet: a glass of sangria from Boqueria. Based on an informal Wafels & Dinges poll, Obama is expected to win (243 Barack waffles purchased versus 141 McCains). If youre looking for a place to watch it go down, Daily Intel has a good rundown of election parties. Theres also Craftsteaks fte tonight, and at Haven, Barely Political is celebrating with a special performance by Obama Girl.

Update: Ah, yes. Lets not forget those free donuts as well as 10% off at Seamless Web.

Election Night; Where to Drink When Youll Need It the Most [Daily Intel]