Gael Greene Experiments With Spam, and We Can Only Wonder What’s Next


It turns out theres a food Gael Greene hasnt tried, and it is SPAM. Egged on by a Times article that reports that more people are buying the stuff along with macaroni and cheese, Jell-O, and such, she decided to take her first hit: I peeled back the lid whoosh, the smell. I felt so sickly, I had to sit down. But in the end, she decides she likes it. Everyone knows this is a slope as slippery as Spam goo, and were deeply concerned that in six months Gael will be making the rounds at the Chilis in Times Square, gigantic hat in hand, begging diners for just one bite of their Awesome Blossom. In fact, she has already turned to her favorite chefs for recipes, and we are shocked and appalled that Franklin Becker would act as a facilitator. Lets hope she doesnt discover our list of Chinatown joints that traffic in Spam, wonderful Spam.

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