Question: ‘Is There a More Colossal, Abysmal Failure in All the New York Food Service Industry?’

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We all have those places (whether they’re a bodega or a coffee shop or a midtown lunch spot) that we don’t expect much of, but that somehow fail by a long shot to meet even those low expectations. We keep coming back because we think, “How could they possibly get it wrong again?” But they do, over and over again, until finally you just can’t take it anymore and you … blog about it! For Lost City, that place is the Fairway Café (“is there a more colossal, abysmal failure in all the New York food service industry than this lackluster, indifferent, actively frustrating cafe?”) and its fine employees (“sullen, unsmiling, slow, unresponsive, incompetent, uncommitted clockwatchers all”). We’d like to know — which places get you this worked up, and why?

Fairway’s Sad Café [Lost City]