Texas Twosome: Does Hog Pit Stand a Chance Against Hill Country?


Pig Trip visits the new Hog Pit and manages to find a few reasons why anyone would pick its pitless barbecue over Hill Country across the way: Lower cost, no line, more of a bar scene, and a burger and fried items. Mind you, none of the above reasons would sway me from entering Hill Country, but I can see the logic for someone else. Actually, Pig Trip has a point after all, even with its liquid smoke and watered-down margs, Dallas BBQ manages to thrive across from the far more authentic RUB. We can see people opting for Hog Pit just for the quick-and-dirty kitsch of it. Then again, Dallas BBQ has quite a following well see whether Hog Pit loyalists warm to the new, squeaky-clean location when the original closes at the end of the year.

New York BBQ: The New Hog Pit Isn't a Pit At All [Pig Trip]