Mindy Kaling of ‘The Office’ Loves Prosperity Dumpling, Hates Chinatown Fish Stink


Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly on The Office, graced our fair city with her presence, and her blogs observations about Prosperity Dumpling are every bit as hilarious as the time Michael and Ryan went clubbing here.

The dumplings I bought were steaming hot, and burned the inside of my mouth as I ate them. You dont even want to wait until they cool down because mentally youre thinking like the Hamburglar, and are like: Oh shit, I just somehow scammed someone into giving me a hot delicious lunch for a fucking dollar. I better eat this fast. But it was so delicious you guys, and completely worth the scabby-burny gum feeling I had later that day. But man, Prosperity Dumpling is putting the dump back in Dumpling.

But whats up with her trashing the neighborhood? Christ, Chinatown. Pull it together. This isnt Asia. I can say racist things like this because Im Indian and I feel Chinese people are my first cousins But seriously, Chinatown. I dont need to smell rotting fish garbage in front of EVERY FOOD-RELATED STORE FRONT. You must learn to embrace the stench, Mindy. In fact, will you meet us for a Chinatown garbage tour?

The Bowery Hotel, Prosperity Dumpling, Foley & Corinna [Things I Bought That I Love via BlackBook]