Sadly Disappointing: The ‘Chip n Cheese’ Dog at Munchies


You probably havent heard of Munchies unless youre a Lower East Side drunk (its open till 6 a.m. on weekends and serves comfort food like nach yo cheese, funnel cake, sloppy joes, PB you get the idea). The takeout and delivery joint was met with deafening silence when it opened two months ago, though it clearly intends to become a Papaya-style chain from the looks of its goofy signage. Nevertheless, when we discovered that it serves a chip n cheese dog, we knew we 100 percent had to go. Sadly, were going to have to declare this thing a fail. Its a Papaya-style wiener covered with three-cheese fondue and sprinkled with Ruffles. People, if youre going to do the chip thing (which you absolutely should), use a ton of chips and crush them into the bread. None of this dainty sprinkling crap. But Munchies, we love you for trying. Any better-executed potato-chip sandwiches out there?

Munchies, 179 Essex St., nr. Houston; 212-673-6066