Scariest Time-Waster Ever: The Alcoholic Calorie Counter


The Post has now substituted a photo of Dave Burke in for the previous botch-job photo of his chef Eric Hara, and under the item, theres a link to a nutso interactive game that lets you watch videos of chefs (for instance, a clip of Rachael Rays foodgasms) and answer questions about them. Of course, its nowhere near as fully fledged as the cooking video games, like Jamie Olivers, that Reuters rounds up today. And it doesnt even start to approach a widget from the BBCs Radio 1 in awesomeness.

The Brit application allows you to calculate, in a most graphic manner, the calories you consumed during last nights booze binge, and then shows you their inevitably horrifying equivalent in food. Its a bit flawed, since it doesnt account for diet sodas or cocktail ingredients like, say, raw egg, but its effective enough to make you reconsider that hung-over egg and cheese.

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