Bruni Wants More From Cabrito; Cuozzo Defends At Vermilion

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Cabrito's inconsistencies baffle Frank Bruni and result in a one-star review for a place whose "porky preoccupations" he loved when it was good. [NYT]

Ryan Sutton thinks most people go to Macao Trading Co. for the scenery, not the food: The place is basically a tarted-up takeout joint, which is to say the choices are endless and pointless. [Bloomberg]
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Steve Cuozzo throws some love to Shang, Rouge Tomate, and At Vermilion, three restaurants he believes "offer adventure for a relative pittance." [NYP]

Skip the fish at Buttermilk Channel, advises Danyelle Freeman, but enjoy the rest of the menu: This is where you see the subtlety of making familiar foods with superior ingredients and a little imagination. [NYDN]
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Though there are commendable dishes coming out of the kitchen, writes Jay Cheshes of Salumeria Rosi, the artisanal meats are probably the best reason to visit. [TONY]

Gael Greene gives Corton another shot, and likes it better this time. Liebrandt is getting more right more of the time, she concedes. [Insatiable Critic]
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Alan Richman calls the food at Vinegar Hill House uneven, but that doesnt make it a bad place for dinner. Inasmuch as there is no other restaurant in Vinegar Hill, he writes, locals might be grateful enough for its presence to fill it up. [Forked/GQ]

Andrea Thompson liked Braeburn well enough, but didnt find it memorable. [NYer]

Out in Elmhurst, Robert Sietsema swoons over Ayada: "I'd just returned, at least figuratively, to Thailand's glittering capital and been amazed at the variety and richness of the cooking." [VV]