Celebrate a New Era With a Bargain Barack Burger


Barack Obamas inauguration speech will end right around lunchtime, so celebrate the new era with an Obama cheeseburger and Obama fries from Rays Candy Store on Avenue A. Owner Ray Alvarez has sold hot dogs, ice cream, and egg creams from his tiny shop for 35 years, and hes used his shop to support Obama since the primary season. Obama is my favorite, says Alvarez. He's going to be good for the country. Around the world, they look at Americans as fair people. They say they are not prejudiced, not racist. The Obama branding will remain even after today, Alvarez promises. That's my trademark now. Obama brings me business. He's personality, he's imagination, he's action. His name is going to stay here a long time. Plus, hes a bargain! Get an Obama cheeseburger for $3, a side of Obama fries for $3, and then treat yourself to an Obama coffee (topped with ice cream) for dessert. Its only a dollar.

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