Coney Island, Though Going to Shit, Is Still Available in Beer Form


One of our favorite local brewers, Schmaltz, is now introducing Coney Island Human Blockhead to stores. The beautiful thing about this tough-as-nails lager (besides the fact that it incorporates six varieties of hops from European to American Pacific Northwest) is that its named after the Coney Island Sideshows infamous emcee, Donny Vomit so if pounding 22-ounce bottles gets the better of you, youve done the beer justice, in a way. Sadly, the way Coney Island is going, it looks like your deli fridge is the last place youll be able to get a taste of what our sword-swallower friend Heather Holliday (another face of Coney Island Lager) lovingly calls Coney-baloney.