Is Gwyneth Paltrow a Momofaker?


Ever get the feeling that half the folks who claim that the Momofukus are their favorite restaurants are just saying it because its the thing to say, the same way people used to pretend they had actually read Infinite Jest? The most recent installment of Gwyneth Paltrows GOOP newsletter, which we received this morning, counts Momofuku Ssm Bar and Noodle Bar among her go-to restaurants: These places became two of NYC's hottest spots in a very short time. The reservation policy is a bit tough (email at 10am EXACTLY for the same night, tables are gone by 10:03) but worth a shot. In fact, neither of these establishments takes reservations, and Ko the one she seems to be thinking of is adamant about not taking them via e-mail. Then again, Paltrow never said shes been to either of them (she doesnt eat pork, after all), just that theyre popular!

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