Keith McNally Says ‘Pizzeria Without a Twist’ Will Open in a Year


The Observer chats with Keith McNally, who will take a little longer than Daniel Boulud to open his pizzeria one without a twist on the corner of Houston and Bowery a location hes been pursuing for four years because its a gritty, ungentrifiable crossroads that lends itself to a big, busy, inexpensive pizzeria (the landlord only caved to his inquiries when after three years, McNally finally revealed that he owned Balthazar). McNally sees the place opening a year from now after slow, expensive construction. As for his other project, Minetta Tavern, he reveals that he has tossed a lot of the junk out. (One has to be careful about not turning it into a museum piece. Theres enough of that with me around.) So why is he working on two places at once? I didnt plan to open another restaurant after Morandi, he says. But The Times and New York magazine reviews for Morandi were so awful I didnt want to bow out with a whimper. Ive already done that with my love life. So, we have Platt to thank for all this!

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