Pussycat Lounge Gets a Makeover, Will Start Serving Food


While other dive bars bite the dust (Gael Greene reports that the old P Caf will be replaced by Caf Amaranth with its Eurotarts and sugar daddies), the Pussycat Lounge is gussying up. As you can see here, the front door has just been restored to its former glory, and owner Robert Kremer, who last year came to an agreement with a developer who sought to replace the go-go dive with a hotel, tells us thats not all thats changing.

In addition to touching up his bars wood- and brickwork (dont worry, the decrepit 116-year-old mahogany bar isnt going anywhere), he plans to start serving food there for the first time since Shogun closed after 9/11. Hes bringing back Shoguns chef, Itako Oka, to serve what he describes as Revolutionary [War]type food pot roasts, hamburgers, a lot of smoked meats and fish (theres a smoker in the building). There may also be sushi. All of this should come together for a grand opening on the bars anniversary on Saint Patricks Day. Which is all well and good, as long as he doesnt add an annoying strip-club D.J. (Candy to the main stage!)