Vietnamese Pop-up Café May Be a Cure for the Mondays


Could the one-day-a-week restaurant become a trend? (Actually, in addition to Frugal Fridays, Craft is trying out Thrifty Thursdays this week, too.) An Nguyen Xuan, a Vietnamese chef who was born and raised in France, tells us that every Monday, shes taking over relative newcomer Simple Caf in Williamsburg and operating it as Bep (meaning Kitchen in Vietnamese): I serve Vietnamese staple dishes like pho, bnh m, bun, and fried spring rolls. There are also specials, like last weeks caramelized pork belly with pickled bean sprouts. Xuan is using natural ingredients and hoping to offer an alternative to current Vietnamese restaurants, which she says are sometimes too expensive and use too much MSG. Hmmm. We have yet to encounter these expensive Vietnamese joints, but if she claims hers is cheaper and better, well see her next Monday!

Bep, Mondays at Simple Caf, 346 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, nr. S. 3rd St; 718-218-7067