A First Look at the New Holland Bar


A stop-in last night confirmed a tipsters report that the Holland has reopened, serving a limited selection of booze (not to worry the well vodka is flowing). As predicted, its a shadow of its former self, with two-by-fours acting as a makeshift bar (rumor has it a granite [!!] bar will be installed) and pretty much all of the trinkets gone. The one exception: a plaque announcing that DR. BILLY IS IN (Dr. Billy, a longtime bartender, was indeed in, and loving it). The floor tiles are way too clean and the walls disconcertingly bright and bare (to say nothing of the spic-and-span bathroom), but heres what really kills us: The old jukebox has been replaced by an MP3 player. Even a bartender admitted, It sucks! Anyway, the good news: There are $4 Big Macs (pints of McSorleys Ale), and the regulars have indeed returned with open arms. As previously reported, Charlie OConnors ashes are no longer behind the bar (Update: Eagle-eyed Midtown Lunch spotted the missing urn and has more photos), but maybe Anthony Bourdain can donate his when the time comes?

Photo: Daniel Maurer