Armani Pans Scarpetta; Hot-Dog Man Retires After 41 Years


Giorgio Armani has harsh words for Scarpetta: I ate spaghetti con pomodoro and basilico and, here, I must interject something for your benefit. Americans overcook their pasta. Always. And theres too much sauce. [Moment/NYT]

A Times Square hot-dog man is retiring after 41 years with his cart. His cousin will take over the business. [NYP]

A man was shot in the neck outside Cozy Soup 'n' Burger on Monday morning. [NYP]

Pepsi and Starbucks are just two companies that are working to shrink their water footprint it takes about 35 gallons of water to produce one cup of coffee. [WSJ]

Smithfield Foods, the country's biggest pork producer, will close six plants and cut 1,800 jobs. [WSJ]

Chef Rafaele Ronca has moved from Bellavitae to Palma. [Strong Buzz]