Bartending School Worse Than You Thought; Chocolate Bar’s Return Uncertain


Members of the Genovese crime family are accused of shaking down students at bartending schools. [NYP]

The Chocolate Bar will not be returning to the West Village as was previously reported. The owner of House of Cards & Curiosities has no plans to vacate the space. [NYO]

During a recent dinner at Tea & Sympathy, Rupert Everett started rehearsing a scene from the upcoming revival of Blithe Spirit with owner Nicky Perry. [NYP]

Chef John Doherty is leaving the Waldorf=Astoria after 30 years because "I couldnt do anything else, they wanted me in the kitchen all the time. I couldnt do TV." [Diner's Journal/NYT]

Betting on weight loss is a positive incentive among co-workers and friends. [NYT]