Restaurants Now Resorting to ‘Half-Off Sales’


Allen & Delancey writes in to tell us about their Sunday night Wine Jamboree dinners. Starting March 1, theyre offering half-off wines from regions that will rotate every few weeks (first up, Bandol in southern France), with the option of a $38 four-course pairing menu. And then theres Umbertos Clam House, which is not being shy at all about its just-launched recession special: Two posters, each filling an entire freaking window, proclaim a HALF-OFF SALE now through April order any pastra or entre at the regular price and the second one at the equal or less price is 50% off. In case you and your buddy are getting out of Goldbar at an ungodly hour, keep in mind that Umbertos serves till 4 a.m. (Also, see The Bros Guide to Taking Advantage of Cash-Strapped Restaurants.)