Sorry, Dudes, the Domino’s Secretary of Taste Is No BK King (Updated with Video)


Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the ad lads behind the the King and BK Flame (which, by the way, isnt the most tasteful thing to run next to a story about deadly fires), have created a new character for Dominos, the Secretary of Taste. The spots for Dominos Pizzas new American Legends pies (which include such potential atrocities as the Philly-cheesesteak pizza combining provolone and American) debut today, on the heels of Obamas stimulus-package press conference (yes, the Secretary of Taste is touting a taste stimulus package of his own. What, no pork jokes?). After viewing (Whether youre some yoga babe who digs tasty veggies or a lumberjack craving steak and 40 percent more cheese, says Sir Secretary, Ask not what your crust can do for you. Ask if it has cheese on it), were going to declare this one a FAIL. In the political parlance, you, sir Secretary of Taste, are no King.