The Case of the Light Cannoli


The blogger Sheepshead Bites is accusing Cuccios bakery, open in Brighton Beach since 1936, of deliberately selling half-filled cannoli. The confronted baker acted like a thief caught red-handed, writes Bites. First, he said that we bit the cannoli, so theres no way he can prove that we didnt eat the filling. I showed him how clean the cookie is inside and he couldnt say anything. Then, he tried to say that this is just two chance unfilled cannolo. I told him that it has happened every single time I got them at Cuccios. The baker eventually handed over a free, overflowing shell. Its hard to believe an Italian bakery could survive so long dishonoring a staple, but if skimping on sweet ricotta isn't a fluke, this is one twisted recession tactic. [Sheepshead Bites]