Celebrity Apprentice Imagines the Inevitable: Cupcake Trucks


To tide you over between Top Chef and the March 11 premiere of Chopping Block, there was last nights Celebrity Apprentice: The male and female teams competed in a cupcake-truck competition, and Andrew Dice Clay did not dig his cupcake lessons at the Institute of Culinary Education: Im from Brooklyn. I cant have my friends from Brooklyn looking at me with this stupid hat Its like a rule: Dont look like a jerk-off. Later, he told Dennis Rodman: All right, you want me to admit it? I dont wanna make cupcakes! I hate making cupcakes! It was up to the owners of Crumbs to determine whose cupcakes were better, and the mens were disgusting. Winner: women. Fired: Diceman.

Full Episode: The Celebrity Apprentice [NBC]