Industry Comedy Show Suffers From Lack of Industry Jokes


Comix promoted last nights Service Not Included show as an evening of restaurant-industry-related jokes and gaffes. While most performers strayed from the theme, using their time to try out other material, Sara Barron was on hand to plug People Are Unappealing. Even though we already know the story (and have I.D.-ed the players), Barrons villainous chef with greasy hair and orange clogs was known last night as Lario Catali and the Twat Waffle became Ichael Ipe. Barron retold (in a much more incriminating fashion) a story about Ipes bathroom habits and then countered the singers denial of the Post item, on Sirius radio, last month. Is the story true? Yes, it fucking is, she said. And the book is available for sale in the lobby.