Mary Stuart Masterson Moves From the Garden to the Director’s Chair


A self-proclaimed multitasking workaholic, Manhattan native and actress Mary Stuart Masterson best known for her roles in Fried Green Tomatoes and Benny & Joon makes her directorial debut with The Cake Eaters. The title refers to haves and have-nots, and while the people in the story believe theyre not cake eaters, hopefully by the end, they get a little taste themselves, she says. The movie opens at Cinema Village and Cobble Hill Cinemas on March 13. Masterson didnt have cake this week, but see what else she ate for her New York Diet.

Saturday, February 28
I had cereal I like some of the Kashi ones almond milk, and Hawthorn Valley organic yogurt, non-fat, plain. I drink decaffeinated green tea, sometimes Tazo Lotus, if I can find it.

For lunch, I often go to a place called Nectar in Brooklyn that has great smoothies and food of all kinds. Ill have an apple-ginger-strawberry juice, and have them add frozen blueberries; its really good.

For dinner, I went to Buttermilk Channel, which is a new restaurant in Brooklyn. I loved it. I had a delicata-squash-and-ricotta tart, a really tiny little appetizer, and some herb-crusted hake on a cranberry bean and kale stew, very delicious. The table had oatmeal cookies that were warm and really good. Just this week I wasnt drinking; I just had water. Normally, I like wine occasionally.

Sunday, March 1
For breakfast we had scrambled eggs. I use olive oil, pepper, and fleur de sel. If I have them, Ill put in fines herbs, not dried herbs but fresh herbs, but I didnt have them that Sunday.

For lunch, I dont remember. Maybe we didnt have lunch.

For dinner, I made a tomato sauce. Im just running out of tomatoes from the summer. We live upstate part of the week and have a vegetable garden. The goal, the dream, is to have something from the garden until you plant the next season. But thats ambitious.

I tend to freeze things cause its easier than canning. I grow beans and dry them for the winter. I had butternut squash until January. Usually I can tomato sauce and have it until December. Im fresh out. I used canned San Marzano tomatoes very important olive oil, garlic, fresh thyme, fresh basil and, of coarse, salt and pepper. I used fresh Parmesan, but I usually also use pecorino cheese. And I made an arugula salad with julienne Granny Smith apples and a lemon-olive-oil dressing, just a little bit of garlic.

I just learned to cook over the years from all the great restaurants, loving food, cookbooks, just kind of enjoying it, enjoying the taste of it.

Monday, March 2
Monday I had yogurt, a banana, and live-grain Ezekiel cereal. Its basically Grape-Nuts but extra natural. Its fermented, or I dont know what it is, but its pretty tasty. I dont think I had tea that morning.

We stopped by my sister-in-laws house to pick something up for another member of the family, and she had just made the most insane banana bread. It was good. We also had pears and Cheddar, just like a snack.

For dinner, we went to our friends house and they made some kind of one-pot dish, a chicken chana masala, with chickpeas and chicken and cauliflower in it, with rice. It was just last-minute. They did something delicious and Indian and it worked.

Tuesday, March 3
Tuesday for breakfast, I had eggs and spinach. I usually have a healthy breakfast. I often skip lunch or dont have a traditional lunch and then have a snack late afternoon and try not to eat too late. My life is so changeable, its hard to get into a real routine.

Later I had a green juice Mango, banana, greens, spirulina, that kind of stuff from a juice bar on 14th Street and Ninth Avenue.

Then at s'Nice I ordered the broccoli salad they make thats sort of caramelized, but I didnt finish it. Im pretty sure its roasted in olive oil, sea salt, and garlic, but mild, not heavy garlic. And then I had salad, they make a quinoa salad. If Im getting a grain I try to get quinoa, and they have it every day. The salad has quinoa, black beans, corn, avocado thats perfectly ripe and good, an avocado dressing, little strips of tortilla, and mixed greens. Its really good and healthy. And I had rooibos tea. When we were doing the film Tickling Leo, we did our sound mix near s'Nice. Its a great meeting spot because its got such healthy food but a really mellow atmosphere and you can just kind of settle into the place. And even the naughty stuff is good. They have vegan cupcakes. If you want a cookie, it has a billion grains in it.

Wednesday, March 4

For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs in a multigrain wrap and then I brought almonds and yogurt on the plane.

I just got into L.A. I dont know where Ill go ... Im hungry, though. Les Deux Caf has a beautiful atmosphere and its French. Its been a while since Ive been here. I used to live out here for six years and I always say, I did my time. I live in Brooklyn now. All my friends I grew up with say we got voted off the island.