Minetta Tavern Team Test-Runs Black Label Sliders on Martha


Last night at Minetta Tavern we noticed a couple splitting the Black Label burger it was delivered to them in two halves, with fries on each plate. If youre too proud to go that route, chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson were on The Martha Stewart Show just now, teaching her how to make three-ounce Black Label sliders. Of course, they didnt reveal the exact ratios of dry aged rib eye, prime short rib, prime brisket, and prime strip steak that make up the La Frieda blend (the recipe on Marthas site calls for any ol ground beef). So will the sliders be on the menu? Maybe for you, Martha, Nasr demurred. Marthas site also has recipes for the Taverns pommes aligots, sauted spinach, and roast farmers chicken.