What to Eat at the Smile, Now Awarding Custom Cutlery to the Select Few


Last month we told you that Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman were planning to open the Smile, a caf and boutique on Bond Street (these mixed-use cafs are becoming a bit of a trend!). Well, she opened today, and we have chef Melia Mardens lunch menu as well as a look inside. To insure brand loyalty among the "In" crowd (the Inn crowd?), the owners are engraving custom-made Laguiole cutlery for regulars to use while theyre there. (Were told this was inspired by the French bistro tradition of regulars having their own napkins.) Peruse our slideshow to see the knife belonging to Look Book model and White Star owner Colin Donahue. As for the rest of the operation: In addition to Mariage Frres teas and other foodstuffs curated by Ms. Marden, youll find products from Mariage Frres, Laguiole, Wool and the Gang, Moscot, C.O. Bigelow, Santa Maria Novella, Adam Kimmel, Solex, White's Custom Boots, The Lake & Stars, Billy Kirk, Found My Animal, Cire Trudon, and others. And, of course, in-house tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

The Smile, 26 Bond St, nr. Lafayette St; no phone