This Is Why New York Is Fat: Cadbury Eggs and Cheesesteak, Deep-fried


The creators of This Is Why Youre Fat turn out to be Gawkers Richard Blakely (a vegetarian!) and writer Jessica Amason. Of course, theyre shopping a book. (Hey, if the bacon-explosion guys can get six figures ) And two things wed like to see in that book? First, the off-the-menu deep-fried Cadbury egg that Blondie and Brownie unearthed at ChipShop. And second, the battered and deep-fried Philly cheesesteak hero that Robert Bermeister was selling at his Staten Island operation, Bermeisters Chow Gourmet, yesterday. (You may remember Bermeister as a contestant on Chopped.) Quoth the chef: Can you say heart attack? Well, at least hes honest. If you want a piece of this thing, feel free to call the chef in advance or try your luck ordering it off the menu.