Where Does Ferran Adrià Eat When He’s in Town?


While Ferran Adri was in town to give a lecture at the CIA (the Feed tweeted it), David Chang called over to the John Dory to snag him a seat at the chefs counter. April Bloomfield, generally not a big fan of chefs watching her every move, was especially nervous about having a god of gastronomy a foot away, so she was relieved when Adri and his companion, D.C. chef Jos Andrs, were delighted by the fish tank (even taking cell-phone photos of it) and decided to sit next to that instead. The Dorys proprietor, Ken Friedman, tells us Adri congratulated them on the restaurants five-star review in the Times of London. He was talking to us through Jos Andrs, saying A. A. Gill is a tough motherfucker! The last time he gave five stars in the Times was for my restaurant. (Actually, Gill also handed five stars to Londons River Caf April Bloomfields last place of employ before she came to the States.) Adri also stopped into another Chang hang, PDT, while in town.