Dan Barber Makes Time 100


Dan Barber made it onto the Time 100 list after all, and no less than Ferran Adri wrote the induction essay. Barber is part of the Scientists and Thinkers category, but Adri is most inspired by his food, which he sampled last fall during a visit to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. At my restaurant elBulli, we are dedicated to creating avant-garde cuisine, and some people think Barber and I are from opposing worlds. But it is not that way at all, Adri writes. The most difficult thing about cooking, even if you are a very creative chef, is having a recognizable style. Is the Time honor a precursor to a Barber win at the James Beard Awards on Monday? (Hes up for Outstanding Chef.) If you don't have a ticket to Lincoln Center on Monday, see Barber speak for free at the Brooklyn Food Conference on Saturday. Or turn your own attempts at sustainability into reality-TV fodder a show called Farm to Table wants you.

The 2009 TIME 100: Dan Barber [Time]