Domino’s Cracks Down on Little Snots


If you thought nothing was grosser than Dominos Pizza in its natural state (remember the Pizza Institute?), you found out differently when a, ahem, viral video emerged on Monday of employees befouling those sandwiches we keep effing hearing about. Although the real live Noids say they never served up their American Loogies er, Legends creations, the Times reports theyve been smacked with felony charges of delivering prohibited foods, and Dominos is planning to sue the pants off of them (except their pants were already off?). A company spokesman describes loyal customers second-guessing their relationship with Dominos as if thats a bad thing, and an official video response, titled Disgusting Dominos People, is hilariously over-the-top: The store has been shut down and sanitized from top to bottom. Okay, but whose bottom? Now if theyd just close the rest of their stores

Video Prank at Dominos Taints Brand [NYT]