Work in Progress: Michael White’s Marea


And now, a double-serious look at Marea, the forthcoming seafood restaurant from chef Michael White and biz partner Chris Cannon. Theres been no shortage of buzz to date, and for good reason: Whether a massive flop or huge success, its a multi-million-dollar bet on Central Park South and by far the biggest restaurant gamble of the year. Walking through the space yesterday with a giddy Chef White and a hella nervous Chris Cannon, it was hard not to get a little excited about the restaurants potential, especially in an economy marked by pizza and bhn m bets by the boatload. The raw bar will seat eight and serve another twenty or so in the lounge, which has views of an interior garden. The kitchen has a refrigerated fish-receiving and prep room, and Michael White himself will do stints in a downstairs private dining room. Whites Italian craftsmen are putting the dining room together right now, and menu development continues off-site. Theres a Citymeals-on-Wheels fund-raiser at Marea slated for May 1, so its safe to expect an early May debut.