Motorino May Finally End Dry Spell, Get Booze Tomorrow


Mathieu Palombino of Motorino tells us that the restaurant is finally ready to present its buildings certificate of occupancy to the State Liquor Authority (though the restaurant has a COO, the building its in had none on file, so they had to apply for one), and is hoping to finally get its license to booze tomorrow. So whats in store when beverage director Amnon Lourie (formerly of Momofuku and Otto) finally lets loose?

For one, a program of local and Italian wines, including what Lourie calls pizza wines from Tuscany and Champagne. Theyll be available by the glass (about five reds and three whites) and therell be a menu of prix fixe bottles costing $25, $35, and $45 plus there will be premium wines offered at a discounted markup. Cocktails made from aperitivos will be priced from $5 to $8 and beers will be mostly American with the exception of Peroni. All of these details are subject to change as the program is finalized, but Palombino assures, Were definitely trying to make the drinks as sweet as possible in terms of price. Heres something thatll make them worth whatever price per its Twitter feed (which also brings news of a couple of new menu items), the pizzeria will soon open a backyard garden.