Von Opens Sexy Downstairs Cocktail Lounge


All right, so we were pulling your leg when we tried to pass off Qdobas in-the-works sports bar as the hot new speakeasy, but heres some upstairs/downstairs were actually excited about. Von, the East Village cool-kid fixture (and shameless make-out spot), is opening a downstairs lounge in a couple of weeks, and its in sneak-peek mode now. Youll have a chance to see it in action on Wednesday when designer Guillame Boulez and Neon Kobra Krew throw a party (the awesome promo you see here is not quite safe for work), but in the meantime owner Kaarin Von fills us in with details.

Von says the lounge is a little bit bigger than the upstairs space, and has the feel of a wine cellar, with exposed stone and brick. The custom-built bar (designed by the owners) will serve drinks by Aisha Sharpe of Contemporary Cocktails (well have the list for you when its final). The room (currently accessible via the upstairs) will soon have its own separate street entry, but dont expect a snooty door policy. Were assured itll be open to all. Well, unless theres a private party, of course ...

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