Danny Meyer Still Working on a Deal at Delacorte


We checked in with Danny Meyers folks to see whether hell be serving, say, that corn dog that Serious Eats liked so much at his concession stand at the Delacorte Theater, and heres their official statement: Although there is no signed deal at this time, Union Square Hospitality Groups Hudson Yards would welcome the exciting opportunity to create and operate the new food and beverage concession at The Public Theater at The Delacorte in Central Park. In hopeful anticipation of the potential opening this summer, we did indeed post the help-wanted ad to ensure that we would be prepared with the best team possible. So, no signed deal yet, but as the Bard himself put it, alls well that ends well! Also new in the Danny domain Skip Steele from Pappys Smokehouse in St. Louis, Missouri, is the fifteenth pitmaster to sign on for the Big Apple Barbecue, Fast Passes to which will no longer be sold online after this Saturday.