How Many Sausages Before DBGB Turns a Profit?


On Saturday, we gave you a glimpse of DBGB Kitchen and Bar, menu and all (the above photo comes from Metromixs gallery). The Times now follows up with a feature delving into the nickles and dimes of the place. Daniel Boulud reveals that it often takes him five years to clear the debt from starting a restaurant, and that he hires bookkeepers to make sure gross margins at his restaurants dont drop below 10 percent (at Caf Boulud, a reduction sauce was once found to be an unlikely money guzzler). So how will DBGB rake in the $4.5 million per year necessary for turning a profit?

It needs to fill each of its 140 dining seats twice on high-traffic nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and 1.25 times on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Anything in excess of those numbers say 2.25 seatings on a Saturday night is money in the bank. There are similar calculations for lunch. Also interesting: Boulud is making sure the playlist contains mostly old-school tunes, to keep out the trucker-hat-wearing riffraff. Which explains why when we left the preview on Saturday, Glory Days was playing.

From Frise to Finance, It Has to Be Perfect [NYT]
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