Cook Scallops Like Top Chef’s Leah Cohen


City Harvests Summer in the City event last night was aimed at its young donors group, Generation Harvest, and some of the proceedings chef karaoke, anyone? were a little looser than at most tastings. The samples were equally laid-back, like Dirt Candys popcorn pudding (the theater-quality taste is downright creepy) or Ditch Plainss fantastic, damaging macaroni-and-cheese-topped hot dogs. The VIP room featured several demonstrations, and Grub Street was lucky enough to catch a couple of them. Top Chefs Leah Cohen made scallops with a corn, snap pea, and bacon succotash that you can find on Centro Vinotecas summer menu. Watch the video to see how she did it, and check back later in the week for another by Butters Alexandra Guarnaschelli.