Mind Melter: Murray’s Introduces Van Leeuwen Milkshakes and DIY Panini


We didnt think it could get much better than a Park Slope shop serving 100 sandwiches, but lordy a saintly reader tells us, and weve confirmed, that Murrays Cheese has just today launched a build-your-own-panini counter by the name of Murrays Melts. The prices seem too good to be true, but with irresistible add-ons like quince paste going for $1, theres no way youre going to confine yourself to the $3.99 base sandwich. As you can see on the order form below, the Basic consists of buttered bread (your choice of rye, whole wheat, white, or Elis health loaf) and your choice of Fontina, Taleggio, Gruyre, etc. For 50 cents to $2.50 more, you can add toppings like bacon, cornichons, caramelized onions, and sauted mushrooms, and for $2.50 more, you can get your sandwich with a McClures pickle or homemade jalapeo slaw as well as chips. Also, for an additional $3, you can opt for a premium cheese such as a Cabot cloth-bound Cheddar or a Meadow Creek wash-rind. In addition, the store is rolling out ten new signature sandwiches (such as an egg, Gruyre, smoked bacon, and Dijon) to join the ones it already serves. And as if all that werent enough, you can now pair them with twelve-ounce MeltShakes containing Van Leeuwen ice cream (chocolate or vanilla) and Hails Family Farm Milk (its as close to raw milk as you can get, says our source at Murrays). Color us flabbergasted.

Murrays Melts order form