Padma on Top Chef 6: No Vegas Kitsch


A common criticism of the New York edition of Top Chef was that the show wasnt New Yorky enough. If you fear that the upcoming Vegas edition will be too Vegas (like catering a casino breakfast buffet or creating a Velvet Elvis cake), Padma Lakshmi allayed our fears on Wednesday night at the Wayuu Taya Foundation Gala. The cast does not cook for Elvis impersonators, although I wish they had. I thought it would be very Vegas-centric all the clich things you think of when you think of Vegas, but actually thats not what it was, Padma said. Its a really strong season gastronomically. I remember looking at Tom mid-season during one meal and saying, God, this is better than any food weve had at any of the finales! The new season begins this year, but not soon enough for us.