Son of a ’wich! Bar Reis Opens Shop Serving 100 Mini-Sammies


Reis Goldberg, owner of Park Slopes Bar Reis, is getting in on the sandwich trend. Big time. (Or small time?) Inspired by a restaurant in Spain that serves 100 montaditos at the same price, he has replaced a former hair salon next to his bar with Reis 100 Sandwich Factory. When it opens next Thursday, it will serve 100 varieties of mini-sandwiches made with custom baguettes from Caputo Bakery (available in white or whole wheat). Seventy of them will sell for $3.50, and those with more expensive ingredients such as housemade duck pt will go for $5 (also made in-house: egg salad, hummus, jellies, tofu spread, chutney, and eventually pickled cornichons).

Reis says many of the sandwiches will consist of traditional combinations (of mostly three ingredients each) as well as reinterpretations (theres a classic BLT as well as versions with Cheddar and with avocado), but one thing consulting chef Adam Ross (of Amalia and Aspen Social Club) didnt come up with was a bnh m. At least, not yet. And dont even think about asking for substitutions. For the sake of simplicity, Reis is laying down the law: You dont want my duck sandwich with beet radish? Dont order it order another sandwich. The shop will be open till 2 a.m., and since it has just eight seats and doesnt serve booze, youre probably going to want to savor your mini-sammie (or two or three) at Bar Reis next door.

Reis 100 Sandwich Factory, 375-B Fifth Ave., nr. 6th St.; Park Slope, Brooklyn