Things That Should Not Be: Alcoholic Condom-Box Candy


Copyranter calls Burger Kings new one the most overtly blow-jobby ad it has ever encountered (maybe it hasnt seen as many pervy fast-food ads as we have), but as far as grub gross-outs go, its hard to get ickier than this. We couldnt resist picking up these candies from the Tierra Blanca Grocery at 802 Grand Street in East Williamsburg because along with milk, dulce de leche, and a lot of sugar, alcohol is listed as an ingredient, hence the name Borrachitos, or little drunkies. Interesting, no? When we turned over the box to learn more (it was strangely stapled shut), we read (in Spanish) that its contents also contain lubrication that facilitates female orgasms! Wait, what? Actually, the container is a recycled Mexican condom box, as you can see from the description on the side. Ewww. Did that stop us from eating the candies? A gentleman never tells.