Bonita Closes, But Former Chef Opens New One (Plus: Pies ‘n’ Thighs Update!)

Yun Cee Ng

Brooklyn Based has some interesting news from Williamsburgs Diner empire: Bonita will close on August 15, due to conflicts with the landlord. The good news is: Caroline Fidanza (the former executive chef at Diner, Marlow, and Bonita) is opening up a place of her own called Salties, at 328 Metropolitan. Shell be serving pastries, sandwiches, ice cream, and as much good food as we can produce out of a small space. And some more good news: After months of legal complications, Pies n Thighs is about to begin construction on its new space on South 4th and Driggs, and we hear the new menu will include a killer hot dog.

Table Scraps II: Bonita to Close, Salties to open, Pies n Thighs makes progress [Brooklyn Based]