New Domino’s Campaign Is Possibly More Obnoxious Than the Noid


Dunkin' Donuts hired sidewalk musicians, and now Dominos is taking its branding to the streets. Literally. This morning around 3 a.m., operatives from a U.K. marketing firm, GreenGraffiti, etched the Dominos logo into sidewalks using a stencil and a pressure washer. They targeted about 60 locations, including Times Square, outside of franchises, and outside of media outlets (were such suckers). A rep from Dominos ad firm Crispin Porter + Bogusky assures us this was all approved by lawyers, and if anyone raises a stink, the team can just come back and wash the rest of the sidewalk square. Which sounds like a good idea to us come to think of it, can they just go ahead and clean every damn sidewalk in the city, and clean all the garbage juice off the streets of Chinatown while theyre at it? If they do that, well put better judgment aside and order Dominos pizza once a week for the rest of our life. Well, once a month, anyway.