Food Blogger Splurges for Veselka’s Mural

Oh man, were totally jealous of Always Hungry New York the sites founder, Jeff Zalaznick, went ahead and splurged for Veselkas mural, Veselkhiarascuro, and now its hanging on his office wall. (The price dropped from the $15,000 figure that artist Arnie Charnick quoted us in January.) Meanwhile all we have is a 2005 baby Jesus calendar we got from El Sombrero (the consolation prize we got when we attempted to acquire its awesome folk art). More fun facts about the painting: Eight of the 85 figures have more than three arms since people moved as they were painted, and Charnick, who was a short-order cook for eighteen years, hid his self-portrait in a newspaper. He lives by the motto: Confucius says many men swallow, but few men chew. Congrats, Always Hungry.

AlwaysInformed: Veselkhiarascuro [Always Hungry]