No Chilean Salmon Until 2011; Scores Solicits Heidi Montag


A virus is debilitating Chile's salmon industry and production isn't expected to pick back up until 2011. [WSJ]

The recently reopened Scores is offering Heidi Montag $25,000 to strip for five nights. [Urbanite/amNY]

Brooklyn Heights' Jack the Horse Tavern is the latest restaurant to be targeted by Wild Edibles protesters. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

The Bronx's Stella D'oro factory will close in October after over 75 years in business. [City Room/NYT]

Foraging gone wrong: Some cash-strapped New Yorkers are catching dinner in the city's most polluted waters. [NYDN]

Aldea's George Mendes's favorite place to eat in New York is Two Boots. [Editors' Blog/W]

The recent boost in food-stamp funding has resulted in a quick surge of cash into the economy. [WSJ]

Kainos Partners Holding Company, which operates 56 Dunkin' Donuts franchises including several in New York, has filed for bankruptcy. [Crain's]