Pâté Police Will Protest Momofuku Again

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Protection and Rescue League

True to its sustained presence policy, the Animal Protection & Rescue League, the group that picketed Momofuku Noodle Bar back in May for serving foie gras, will hold another protest outside of the restaurant this Sunday from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. Organizer Bryan Pease tells us, We have sent lots of follow-up information to David Chang since the last protest months ago, and the Humane Society of the United States even sent him a letter, but so far no change. Ya dont say? Just to make things even more media-friendly, this will be a bicoastal protest, with picketers simultaneously gathering at Mille Fleurs restaurant in the APRLs hometown of San Diego. Were assuming the commenters who lashed out against the organizations last demonstration will have something to say about this one (hell, maybe theyll even show up), but know that the group isnt just about shoving their message down the throat of restaurateurs according to their newsletter, theyre also handing out free vegan bites at San Diego Comic-Con! Anyway, for a friendlier take on foie gras, check out the profile of the doyenne of duck, Ariane Daguin of DArtagnan, in this months issue of Edible Manhattan.

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